Get started

The 5 step process to change the way you do property inspections forever.

Step 1


  1. Locate the Rentfind Inspector App in either the App Store (iPad, iPhone) or Google Play. (Android)
  2. Tap the download/install button.
  3. Although the App is free, you will need to be a Rentfind Inspector subscriber to synchronise inspections.

Step 2

Synchronise an Inspection

The 5 step process
  1. Log into your Rentfind Inspector Admin Area
    • Add a new property (Properties | Add Property).
    • Add a new inspection (Inspections | Add Inspection).
    Rentfind Inspector enables you to perform both Inventory Check Ins and Check Outs and Routine Inspections.
  2. Log into Rental Inspector on your device using your Rentfind Inspector logins and tap the "Load Inspections" button.
    Note: Ensure that the staff member assigned to inspect the property matches the user profile you have logged in as.
  3. The inspection will appear as an "Active Inspection".

Step 3

Perform your Inspection

  • The 5 step process Add, edit, remove and re-order Areas (Add / Edit Areas).
  • The 5 step process Add, edit, remove and re-order Condition Report Attributes for an Area
  • The 5 step process Enter property condition comments using pre-defined phrases.
  • The 5 step process Enter required maintenance.

Step 4

Add your photos

The 5 step process
  1. Click on "Photos & Maintenance" whilst in your area.
  2. Click "Add Photo".

Step 5

Complete and distribute the report

  1. Mark the inspection as Complete and Synchronise it back to your Rentfind Inspector Admin Area.
  2. From within your Rentfind Inspector Admin Area, select the inspection.
  3. Click "Generate Report" to select a template to generate a report.
  4. Click "Reports" to select a report to email, view or download.
  5. "Release" the inspection for landlords to view within their Client Login.

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You will be amazed at the time saving and efficiency aspects of the Rentfind Inspector App.